You are officially entered into the contest.  Any book sales influenced by you before December 1st, 2020 will count as double points towards winning the contest! You must sell 30 books minimum to be eligible for the grand scholarship!!! Don't stop there, whoever sells the most books wins the scholarship! 



  • Every book purchased using your coupon code will count as 1 point towards your final score to for contest. 

  • Every VIP PREMIUM BOX purchase will count as 5 points towards your final score.

  • Every MTM DELUXE will count as 10 points towards your final score. 

  • Customers must use your coupon code for it to count. Your coupon code discount price to standard pricing. The price is the same, we bumped up the scholar book selection for those who may just want to donate $5 to the contest.

12.1.2020 - 2.28.2021

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